Getting ‘Clean’ and How it Changes Your Life

I talk a lot in my sessions (and outside my sessions) about being ‘clean.’ It seems to resonate with people. People actually get what it means, those who have the desire to escape the mess and drama of what they have been used to.

Clean is not strange or even difficult to attain. It is, I guess, profound to the normal, messy, entangled one who hangs on to that way of life, who maybe even secretly loves and desires the attention they get from all the drama.
Some of those people are narcissists, and some are just regular unconscious, but they are all caught up in the same web, sticky and messy and overly dramatic.

I was done with all that. I am clean. That means I don’t lay anything weird on anyone, neither am I available for anyone to stick any weirdness on me. It’s not a defensive or attacking stance. It is neutral, just not playing bullshit dramatic games ever. Clean. Out of the entanglement. Maybe you could call it natural.

We were, most of us, born into the drama, and we got completely sold it, and then we became it. It’s family for most of us. And then it becomes everything in our lives. Politics is drama, many relationships are drama. They all have the same stickiness..It’s horrible. And its not the only way to live, nor the most preferable.

That is why I talk about becoming ‘clean.’ Because by becoming clean, without closing down or shutting everything out, life becomes easier. Shit still happens but it doesn’t stick any more.

It is maturity, growing up, becoming wise. It’s the end of games and the beginning of real life. Sure you might have to say no to a load of things and people. That comes with being clean. But if that is what you really want, that’s what you have to do.

It is very refreshing.

So why does it matter in regard health and wellbeing?

Well this is a good question and very relevant in today’s world. You see, in today’s world the majority of thought still has us living as though everything were separate from everything else. In this world of separation what you think, feel, believe, and how ‘clean’ you are in your energetic body does not matter at all. As far as a lot of science is concerned the two are completely separate.

So I ask you…Do you believe that everything is separate from everything else? I bet you don’t.

Here is my take: EVERYTHING YOU DO, SAY, THINK, FEEL AND BELIEVE has an effect on your wellbeing and/or your illness.

It is all involved and everything casts an influence in direct and indirect ways. If you have complicated, sticky, even messy and manipulative relationships that keep you stuck and cause you stress, you are going to feel it in your body, its going to influence things like eating habits, addictive patterns, energy levels and sleeping patterns. It is going to impact your nervous system and your immune system. Period.

Being ‘clean,’ gives you breathing space, a sense of freedom and lightness. It allows your aura to grow, and you can stop some of the activity that requires so much energy. It takes great energy to play games and defend and attack. The bottom line is where are you going to place your energy and attention?

So I am a total advocate for getting ‘clean.’ It has worked so well for me I cannot begin to tel you. My clients benefit from my being clean and they begin to feel it in their own lives, and that affects the people around them. And so it becomes effortless.

Try it, contemplate this. Get back to me if you don’t know what I’m talking about, or ask anything.

Disease and Thought – the connection.

Disease and Thought – the connection.

kavi104bwwebMy own personal experience and my research has convinced me that the connection between our habitual thinking and what we call disease is a fundamental one and can NEVER be overlooked in the healing process.

Consider this.
“When the mind is dominated by a negative world view, the direct result is a repetition of minute changes in energy flow to the various body organs. The subtle field of overall physiology is affected in all its complex functions….Eventually, an accumulation of infinitesimal changes becomes discernible through measurement techniques (blood tests, x-rays etc) but by the time these changes are detectable, the disease process is already quite advanced.” (From David Hawkins)

This ‘negative worldview‘ affects us on every level. It informs our day to day choices in what we eat, how we live, our addictions, our friends, every aspect of our lives.
And it affects our inner universe on the bio chemical levels, disturbing the positive flow of energy, creating stress and disruption to organs and unbalancing us.

And of course the stimulus that sets all this off, and keeps being triggered over and over again, is so small it remains undetectable.
It is the habitual and repetitive thoughts and actions we take that produce tiny reactions that build up over time and at some stage manifest as what we call disease.
And then we, in the modern medical system, treat the outer symptoms and utterly fail to address the root cause, which may well be our negative worldview.
So there are two things to learn here.

1) Western detection methods are woefully lacking in their ability to see disease until it is well advanced. I personally recommend getting an Ayurvedic pulse check that can detect and illness several stages earlier, indeed it saved me back in 2002 when they detected the onset of serious arthritis (amongst other things). Western detection protocols observed nothing, they are just too gross in their methods.
So catch it early.

2) Never treat disease on the purely physical level. NEVER. It is a blind misunderstanding that we have bought into. Not only does Western medicine treat only with pharmaceuticals and largely ignore diet, but it also pays NO ATTENTION to our thinking or our emotions in the treatment of any condition. That is ridiculous!

Address the mental aspect, the emotional aspect, and particularly the worldview. Get deep into the habitual thought patterns and make conscious decisions to change your thinking from that moment on. It will help in that it will begin the process of re balancing the energy flow of the body and sending positive energy flow to all the organ structures…

Thanks for reading! x


Your True Home

Imagine your true home.

You live in an amazing, glorious and vibrant invisible world with the most incredible family and community you could possibly imagine. Everyone loves you totally and there is no anxiety, no anger and no stress. It is perfect and harmonious in every way. You are content to dwell here forever, with no concept of time or space.

And then one day you are told that you need to go to a strange land for a while to ‘learn some things’. You are told that you may well forget where you came from and all the love you were surrounded by. You think that is ridiculous, you could never forget your own true family, never forget all the love. But you are also excited by the prospect of this adventure.

And then off you go to this strange new land and you arrive excited and wide eyed at the newness of it all. Pretty soon things start happening that create new sensations in you. You have a new experience of yourself and it takes some getting used to. You find yourself squeezed into something called a body, and it feels tight and restrictive, but seductive and entertaining. You have been assigned a new and very small family and they start to tell you stuff and treat you a certain way. They give you a new name and start feeding you strange new foods, but mostly they begin to fill you up with all sorts of ideas about who you are and what you are doing there. At first you just listen to these ideas, but as time goes by you begin to believe them, they are so insistent, and after years you forget whose ideas they actually are and begin to assume they are yours!

You become so attached to the body you have been lent you actually begin to think it is you. You think you are the thoughts you are thinking, the emotions you feel and everything you believe. And you totally forget where you came from.

You forget the bliss, the love, the vibration of joy. And you wander around this new place wondering what is missing but unable to remember.

Your original family know this will happen to you, it happens to everyone who goes to the strange land, and so they send messengers to remind you. But you ignore the messengers and the message. You have totally forgotten where you came from and after years and years of this you are lost. You may be sick in this body package you have been assigned? Maybe you are wounded in the heart and cannot love anyone or anything? Maybe you feel there is no divine presence and so you feel alone and abandoned?

And then one day it is all over. Your journey to the strange land finishes. And leaving becomes very difficult, you have become so attached to it, to the things you have, to the people you know, and to the body you live in.

As you leave the strange land something begins to happen. Something inside you starts to remember something, and after what seems like no time at all you arrive back to your original home and the waiting and open arms of your ecstatic family. It is wondrous to be back in this bliss.

They say to you, “We sent messengers to remind you, we sent you opportunities to remember.  That body you wore on the strange land, you thought that was you. We shook your relationship with your body in the hope that you would seize the opportunity to remember that it wasn’t yours! But you just held on tighter and tighter.”

And you understood, and liked the game and said, “Can I go back and try again?”

This state of forgetting our true nature and becoming over identified with our bodies, emotions and thoughts has taken us down the road to exactly where we are now. Lost to our truth we have no Divine purpose, so we create purpose born from ego. This purpose has its roots in fear, separation and survivalism. It will always lead to toxicity and dis-ease. When we forget we are the same as each other, we come from the same place and are connected to the One Source, we experience a deep sense of disconnection and isolation. From an alienated place we make choices in life that do not always serve us or our brothers and sisters. We may become selfish and greedy, both traits born of fear, or we may become aggressive and warring, also born of fear. This sense of alienation leads us to reduce our human experience on Planet Earth to one of mere survival. And with no sense of Higher Purpose or true connection with each other or ‘God’ we wander lost and abandoned, wondering what it is all about.

When the sacredness of life is absent, when we are not serving a higher purpose, we forget our common humanity, we forget to put love first, and instead we put ourselves first. When we all put ourselves first, we have the beginnings of war.

How does this lead to toxicity?

Until we remember our true nature and reconnect with our source, we live at the mercy of other forces. We are born into families, 99.9% of whom have forgotten the divinity and sacredness of life. As babies and children we are vulnerable and porous. We absorb others ideas and beliefs as though they were our own. We become ‘conditioned’ into our culture and ‘educated’ into our system. Emotions, unless they are allowed to flow through the body, become stuck as trauma and tension. Over time conditioning and trauma creates a rut in our lives. We develop habits and patterns, many of which are inherited from our parents and our conditioning. These habits and patterns are not always good for us.

If we have any anxiety, anger, shame, depression, confusion, or stress we will, until we remember who we truly are, make toxic choices.

The point is this: That toxicity itself, whether it is physical, emotional or mental, disconnects us from the true source of our power and goodness, the light. Starved of the light we begin to live in darkness. The story above is about this forgetting. We are given reminders by the divine all along our journey. These reminders come in many forms. For me it came by way of dis-ease. It can be anything that shakes us up and reminds us that life is precious. It asks deep questions of us. Who are you? What are you doing? Do you love yourself? Do you Know yourself? What is your purpose here on Earth?

When I understood that what happened to me was not, as I first thought, the worst thing that could have happened to me, but the best thing that could have happened to me, I was shocked. It was totally the opposite of what I had previously believed. Do I regret what happened, am I angry for so many lost years and such confusion? Absolutely not! Everything that has happened to me, all the years in the wilderness, all the years of having to dig into my inner resources, all the physical pain and healing, have opened my heart more and more, have forged me as a Warrior and brought me to remember my true nature.

Wherever you are at physically or emotionally, is the place you start from. Maybe you have been ‘graced’ already by dis-ease. Or maybe something has happened that has made you question who you really are and what you are doing? Maybe you just know that there is more to this than you first thought. We don’t all have to get ill to remember Who we Truly Are!