How I Healed Ulcerative Colitis

Don’t imagine for one minute that healing Ulcerative Colitis or any other serious chronic condition is an easy option.

It is not an easy option! But if you want to heal your condition, heal your emotional wounds, experience more energy, and move on, it is THE ONLY OPTION.

Let me be clear. Medication will not heal the condition known as ulcerative colitis, or crohn’s disease, or any bowel disease. As far as conventional medicine is concerned these conditions are incurable and you will have them for life. Medication will suppress the symptoms and give temporary relief, but it is a deal made with the devil, and you will have to pay for it somewhere further down the road.

Faced with this sad but very clear truth, we make our choices. And I honor each choice. It is not for me to say I am right and you are wrong. We are all walking our own paths, and for some it is just too difficult to chose the natural path. That’s just the way it is. But some people are looking for alternative options, and I am talking to them. The trail is hidden and (I believe) deliberately obscured by conventional medicine. But once you have had a scent of the path, and you have enough desire to heal naturally, YOU WILL FIND YOUR WAY. It is inevitable.

That is what happened to me. How I healed is, to some extent, a mystery. It was not an abc process. I have been asked many times, and given many talks on,  my healing journey.
This video from 2010 says more than the words that I write. Please watch this first.

It has taken me many years to reach this point of well being. I have changed my habits entirely. The old Kavi, to a certain extent, no longer exists. I have even changed my name! Let me just run quickly through some of the changes.

Physical – I removed all wheat and gluten, all dairy, all meat, all processed foods, all sugar, all bad fats. I stopped having any fried foods. I even stopped all grains for a while. I have, at various and more extreme times, liquidized all my food. During my acute phase which lasted about 2 years, I was bleeding heavily and losing weight and unable to eat anything very much. I could manage Quinoa and avocado..just.

Remember I had no-one to advise me and no professional to guide me. YOU HAVE. I want to remind you that this woman has a book that is specifically about healing UC and Crohns. It WILL HELP. Jini Patel ThompsonListen to your Gut

So we are talking about different phases of the condition. The acute phase and the healing phase. The acute phase is tough. I had to be very very patient. I had no idea it was the acute phase. I just wanted the blood to stop. I stopped all outside life. I slept as much as possible. I did a lot of relaxation, and created visualizations to support me in seeing the end result of being healed. I found that the emotional side was vital. Fear and panic and stress ALWAYS made me feel worse, and triggered more symptoms.

These are some of the things I have used at various times.
Chlorella Tablets: MSM Powder: Wheatgrass Powder: Clay: Digestive Enzymes: Probiotics: Vitamin B-12: Linseed Powder, Linseed enemas: L-Glutamine Powder: Slippery Elm: Fish Oils: Aloe Vera: Coconut Water.

But my advice to you is to seek out a professional. Get a Doctor who will support you and one who will test you. Then find a Chinese Doctor, or a Naturopath, or an Ayurvedic Doctor. Or use the book I linked to earlier. It will make the work so much easier. It is hard to find your own way, believe me.

Once through the difficult straits of the acute phase I entered the healing phase. Of course it’s not as black and white as that. In fact for me the whole experience is still a bit of a haze of confusion and messiness. I healed and then went backwards. I thought quite a few times I was getting worse, when actually I was hitting a ‘healing crisis’ and in truth I was getting better. I very nearly resorted to medication on a number of occasions, one in particular which was very nasty, but still I stuck to my ‘no medication’ rule and it served me. This may not be the same for you, we each have to make those decisions for ourselves. But I’m telling you my truth so that at least you can understand the options available.

Ulcerative colitis like many of these chronic conditions, ravages the body, beats the immune system down, makes you weak and defenseless against attack. The process of repair and building strength and new tissue from the cellular level can be long and also tough. It has been for me. None of this journey has been easy.
And guess what?
I’m still on the path! One of the things you learn on this healing path is that you are always on the healing path!

Exercise – During the acute phase of the condition there was no way I had enough energy to exercise. So I did Chi Gung and Yoga at home, gently and easily. I walked in nature and became very quiet. I believe that element alone was fundamental to my healing.

Once I entered what can be called the rebuilding phase I was ready to start building tissue and generating more energy. The balance with cardio vascular exercise is quite delicate. The body is VERY sensitive, mine has been for years. It will fall off it’s path easily so it needs to be treated with great respect and love. The two main exercises I did and still do are Rebounding and running. I also do yoga (at home and using Free YouTube videos!).
My advise to anyone healing any disease is GET THE BODY FLEXIBLE, find some bodywork to release tension and tightness from the physical and energy body. Once that process starts to happen then healing begins. The Traditional Chinese Way of healing is to free up the natural flow of the body energy by shifting energy and releasing the meridians of the energy and physical body and that allows the body to do what it is designed to do…HEAL.


15 thoughts on “How I Healed Ulcerative Colitis

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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your story. Can you recommend a good place to detox in India? where did you go for your panchakarma?
    i’m also on a healing journey, but perhaps a little way behind you still. I also suffer from ulcerative colitis but share your opinions regarding western medicine.
    anyway, its great to hear your story.very impressive and inspiring.
    good luck to you

  3. Great article. I have UC symptoms but mine are very minimal. They were horrific when I was pregnant but now I’m not nearly in as much pain, if any at all. I have been using proper nutrition and supplements and it has been helping. I’ve also found a great alkaline drink that I’m going to start taking with hopes that it will help even more.

  4. Very inspiring to hear your story. I have been dealing with UC for 14 years, and things in the past year have gotten bad again. I know I was not holding myself accountable and was letting some aspects of my life start to spiral – diet, stress and losing sight of my spiritual journey. I have been determined again lately to figure this out against the will of my GI doc, of course. They want me to try Entyvio, but I know there is another way. I just need to find the right combination of what works for me, and hearing your story is something I needed as a reminder to keep fighting this fight + to stay positive. Thank you, and best wishes.

    • Thank you. Keep going. I was relentless in my purest of healing. No stone unturned and doing whatever it took. I healed the desire to ‘slip back into the old toxic ways.’ If thats still happening something within still needs looking at. Its’ only when the emotions have been really healed, when there is no more hidden that healings goes to another level. It all takes time, but from my experience i can say it is possible, it worked for me.
      Good luck and never give up.x

  5. A simple kefir retention enema, two cups, will cure colitis basically over night as well as a life time of candida and IBS, leaky gut, etc. Just to be sure, do two cups, twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening for about 7 days. drink two cups during each infusion. after this you will remain colitis and crons free for the rest of your life.
    just make sure it is traditional kefir made with kefir grains…. its that simple.

    • I have approved this comment but would warn anyone reading it that anyone who claims ‘It is that simple’ and offers a simplistic remedy (which might be quite effective) is incorrect. It is never ‘that simple.’ There are so many factors to take into account and the idea that a few simple retention enemas are going to ‘cure’ colitis is ridiculous. It may have worked for one person but to offer it as a cure all is disingenuous and absurd. And arrogant. It does sound like a possible healing agent, and in the past I experimented with this enema, as well as a thousand different protocols, but be warned of the ”colitis and crohns fee for the rest of your life’ talk.

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