COLONOSCOPY Results – COLITIS HAS GONE! – Healed Naturally

OK friends, I am very overdue with a blog post, so here goes.

The truth is I am considering winding up my holistic stuff, both here on WordPress and my Facebook page. I know there is some value for people who need inspiration and some guidance in these troubling times of chronic illness and confusion, but I can only do so many things and put my focus in so many areas, and my attention is drawn to my wife’s work, retreats and meetings we do together, and my poetry and music.

I am not sure so if you have anything to say please let me know.


Recently, in December, I finally succumbed to having a colonoscopy screening for colon cancer. I haven’t had a colonoscopy for over 8 years and have not wanted to have one. But since being here in the US, having some symptoms and a history of ulcerative colitis, the clinic persuaded me (through fear) that I should have one. I resisted because I don’t respond to fear based invitations, but last year (2018) as a result of a very intense detoxification program (thanks to Medical Medium protocol – link at the end) I started to get blood and mucus in my stool. It tested positive for blood and I managed, through grace, and living in progressive San Francisco, to get myself a colonoscopy FREE!

Believe me, that is a result, and one for which I am very grateful, because the cost of a colonoscopy can be up to $3000.

But I was very reluctant because I simply don’t like responding to life from fear.

The procedure happened December 20th at Kaiser hospital in San Francisco. What an experience! Talk about conveyor belt of colonoscopies, I have never seen anything like it. Apparently Kaiser in California hold the Guinness World Record for the most colonoscopies in one day ( )

It was super efficient and unlike the English more laid back system. This was AMERICAN! That means pretty big, efficient and no nonsense.

I had prepared for the procedure with the usual muck to clean the system, but to be honest it wasn’t very tough, just some tablets and drink and lots of bowel movement until I was empty, no solid food and so on. It’s not that scary when you have done these things before.

They sedated me in the procedure room and talked about what would happen and I expected to be half awake like in England and then boom! I woke up with Amoda next to me in the recovery room, totally oblivious to what happen. They knock you out here, simple as that.

So then we delicately made our way home for some nice food and a day of recovery.

RESULTS! This is what you want to hear about…

Well, the big news is double pronged.

First. No sign of any colon cancer. Done. I didn’t expect any but of course I am in increased danger because of a history of colon inflammation. But all clear. Yay!

Second. There is no inflammation, and therefore no colitis, in the colon. There is a small amount of inflammation in the rectum, and they want to call that proctitis. That means, and I am going to shout this so that if you want to share it with those who have ulcerative colitis or inflammatory bowel disease, THERE IS NO COLITIS, AND NO INFLAMMATION, IN MY colon. I do not have ULCERATIVE COLITIS any more at all. It’s gone. There is a small amount of inflammation in the rectum. That does not call for much action, although of course their recommended treatment involves pharmaceuticals (Canasa, whatever that is!)
This is really great news and supports the notion that this chronic disease and therefore many other chronic auto immune conditions, can actually be healed, certainly vastly improved, through NATURAL METHODS. Because in all the 12 or so years I experienced this thing called ulcerative colitis, I didn’t take one tablet of medication. That was my firm decision, and even though it was challenging and demanding, and the whole journey of healing was extraordinary, the results are in…


The consultant I saw in University College Hospital in London in 2005 told me, absolutely and without any discussion, that ‘You will have it for life, and you will be on medication for life.’

I wish I could see him today, and show him the letter I have from my MD who did the colonoscopy.

So there you have it friends. All those years of healing work, from the physical, diet, and body work and exercise, to the emotional, the cathartic, the spiritual, the forgiveness, the acceptance, the resolve to dig deeper, the whole shebang of the healing journey, all worth it.

But not worth it because of this colonoscopy, although I do feel proud and vindicated because of it, worth it because it forged me as a warrior who decided to find his own way, to buck the system that says ‘You can’t do that,’ and to choose to find out for myself. I did find out for myself.

And the news was good.

Thanks for reading!


Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie –

9 thoughts on “COLONOSCOPY Results – COLITIS HAS GONE! – Healed Naturally

    • Thank you Wendi. It’s not much of a surprise to be honest. But what is more inspiring is the news for other people who might not be as feisty as me. The news is that it really is possible. It’s a tough path being ill, but while there is some hope there is some power. Thank you for reading and commenting. x

  1. I have always said colitis can be healed (as it was for me when I was a child). But, I have had friends argue with me and tell me their doctor told them it’s incurable! Hogwash to me, yet they buy in hook, line, and sinker.
    So happy for you! And thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you Sheila. Yes I truly believe some of the confusion is this. The doctors insist that it cannot be ‘cured.’ We don’t really know what ‘cured’ means. Can it be restored to its pristine state? No. Can anything ? No. So I believe this talk of cure is ridiculous. But healing is a very different thing to talk about, and they dont like this because ‘healing’ has a bad rap and is used in new age language.
      But healing to me means restoration and repair while still acknowledging that there is a wound and a vulnerability. If a car has had an accident it can be repaired and restored and can drive absolutely fine for years and years, and no one will know it had a prank. Is it cured? No it still carries that accident. Is it healed? Yes..
      I still carry a vulnerability in my gut and a tendency to instability and inflammation if I go out of whack. They would say then i am not cured. And I would say ‘Well I feel pretty good and there is no inflammation or erratic bowel movement, no blood or mucus.’
      Go figure…
      Anyway i will stop ranting. Thanks for your comment and stay firm with your beliefs because they are true, and let the nay sayers do what they want…Bless you x

      • I write about definitions in my blog also. Thus I should have thought about that, defining ‘healing’, and differentiating it from ‘cure’. Excellent points! You can rant anytime too. 😉
        I love your analogy of the car needing repair after an accident.

  2. May peace and love join you and Amoda wherever you go on your journey through this amazing life! Your gifts of poetry and music are of great value! You have inspired with your light! (Friends) ❤️☀️🌷

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