True Health is the Manifestation of Inner Harmony

It is important, in this media dominated, body obsessed world, to put forward an alternative narrative about what makes us truly healthy.
9df483d2-68a7-430b-9b1d-0e28f364250cIf we were to believe what we are presented with through the gloss of magazines and TV shows (not that I watch ever, having not had a TV for 15 years!) we really would just focus all our efforts on looks, tans, muscles, butts and tums.
Oh wait a minute!

That is exactly what is happening.

I am going to say something radical here that might confuse or even annoy some people out there. Sorry.

There can be no real health while people are stuck in total ego identification. In that sense, and it is a very profound sense, HEALTH IS A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.

To be fully identified with the ego self almost always results in suffering, struggle, addiction, alienation or some other manifestation of inner conflict. This level of identification is like a hungry ghost. It demands attention, and it thrives on problems. Peace, harmony and inner balance are the death knoll to the ego self. It is, in many ways, against nature.


We take health to be ‘of the body,’ but I take health to be ‘of the whole being.’ Health is what we exude, it is the vibration we emanate into the universe. It is our personal fragrance, like a flower.

And it is seen, absorbed and understood by other beings, humans and creatures alike, at a far deeper level than we understand. This emanation and its understanding happens below the level of conscious mind. You have already assessed someone before they open their mouth. You have already ‘seen’ them before anything else has happened. I believe thats true for us all, humans and animals alike, and yes, it even includes our relationship with nature, trees and plants.


This is because everything is an energy vibration. Everything. Everything that exists in form is in vibration. Thought is an energy vibration as much as food or this table is.

When you awaken from the dream of total ego identification and you deepen your experience of yourself and life, you begin to see this. Something new happens, and in this change, perception itself changes radically. You begin to feel people on a deeper level. Your intuition increases. Your sense of direct ‘knowing’ elevates incredibly, and a whole new world opens up.

True health is a harmonious transmission. Inner harmony opens the door for the soul to shine its light.


Each of us has a unique signature tune, a highly individual fragrance we emit all the time. That emanation is always on, and wherever we go it is perceived by the world and everything in it.

That signature tune is created by your inner world.

Your inner world is your state of consciousness, and for different people that means different things. I am talking about your state of consciousness as that which includes your body. I am using it in a holistic way.

What I have noticed is this. When there is inner harmony, and that usually means a balance of body, mind, emotions and spirit, the signature tune transmitted becomes more natural and pleasing, like a wonderful piece of music. And equally when there is inner chaos, or unresolved emotions, ego identification, or toxic and inflamed body, the signature tune is ugly and unharmonious.

yin_yangTrue health is a harmonious transmission. Inner harmony opens the door for the soul to shine it’s light.
Health is not just some physical state, although that is the current perception. No, Health is the transmission of harmony.

Thus I implore people to seek this inner harmony. It creates beauty and power. Fragmented humans abound, they are in the ascendant.

Become one of the new humans, become harmonious and rest in inner balance, and thereby open the door to your soul. That is a profound gift to the world, beyond what you do or say.


By including the body in your spirituality
By including your spirituality in your health
By cleansing and healing old and toxic emotions
By investigating deeply held beliefs and conditioning 
By consistent relaxation and acceptance of life
By bringing the body back from addictive patterns and feeling it natural foods.
By allowing yourself to fall into the love of god.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment.
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