RAW Rainbow Detox Salad

salad 2Some of you who know me, or remember me, will know I used to run something called the Divine Kitchen, an online super food shop. It was a small business but our products were very good, prices were pretty low, and customer care was the top priority. Sadly I had to let go of it when Amoda, my wife, and I, started to travel a lot. It was a one man show.

But as part of the Divine Kitchen, which arose from my RAW food days (yes I was a ‘raw foodie’ for 5 years or so), I used to offer recipes, videos, even an ebook of great ideas for healthy living. It seems like a long time ago now, but it was only 2 or 3 years back.

Sometimes I miss the RAW food diet. Although it wasn’t sustainable for me in the long run, as I found out to my cost, it was also incredibly healing, detoxifying and cooling (a good thing and not so good thing) and it was very energy boosting.

Nowadays I think we eat a more rounded and powerful diet and of course eat approximately 70, maybe 80% of our food RAW, but there is nothing like eating only fresh vegetables and fruits, as clean as possible! And when I talk about RAW, I am really referring to the vegetable and fruit part of it, not the chocolate and nuts and raw breads etc…I mean the cleanest eating you can get before juicing.

And if you have been reading some of my blogs, you will know I have been suffering from a massive skin rash these last few months, which decimated my skin and completely freaked out my immune system and nervous system, let alone my mind.
The diagnosis from alternative doctors seems to be excess heat in blood and therefore liver, and damp and cold in the body as well. We think it may possible be caused by my mercury amalgams removal, that happened in Costa Rica early last year. I haven’t been quite right since then, and it is possible that its taken this long to work itself out. Thanks to Chinese herbs and Ayurvedic herbs it is on the wane, but still it wont leave completely.

So it is down to me to help my body deal with it effectively. I probably should have done this a while ago but didn’t feel ready. YOU HAVE TO BE READY.

Hence I am sharing with you today’s food. It might be useful to you because it is an easy and versatile meal, it is anti inflammatory, detoxifying, cooling, nourishing and extremely satisfying to both eye and mouth. Mouth watering you could call it. I would love to share it with you:

salad 1







Single Bowl RAW Rainbow Detox Salad – Simplicity itself.


Fresh Lettuce
Radish X 3
Cucumber X 1
Yellow and Red pepper
Small yellow tomatoes
Spring onion
Avocado X 1
Local tart Apple (not supermarket apples, they are dead)
Fresh turmeric
Cilantro for heavy metal and toxin removal
Sprinkle Apple Cider Vinegar
Lemon juice X 1/2 lemon 
No Olive oil or just a sprinkle

Eat from the bowl. Make sure you have enough.

Anti inflammatory
Blood cleansing
Deliciously simple!

For heavy metals and toxin removal take Cracked Wall Chlorella approx 30 mins before the meal, and the Cilantro will activate the metals and poisons and the Chlorella will transport them from the body.

I seriously believe this is a good meal for health and healing. No bread, no meat, no extras, just keep it very simple and your body will thank you..Try it!!

And comment if you feel moved or you can add something extra to the salad that might kick it up a notch…There is always room for improvement!!

Thanks for reading!! Happy detox. Kavi

salad 3

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